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Communication systems for the translation of architectural ideas

Translation Architecture

Translation Architecture are a London based architectural design and research studio who specialise in hospitality with an interest in heritage, retrofit and low energy strategies. The ethos of the company is based around language be that through drawings, written or verbal. The identity reflects this by creating a logo that is part of a typographic system that’s used throughout the brand. The icon takes its form from the origins on the letter b and the ancient symbol for building. This link to heritage is backed by the colour palette and main typeface. The overall feel for the brand is contemporary with deep roots to traditional techniques and ideas.

Alister took a complex message and distilled it into a simple, elegant and meaningful visual identity, one which we are sure will endure; it was a pleasure working with him.

Translation Architecture

Nicholas de Klerk


“Designing floors for the future with innovation, quality and customer care at the heart of every project”. We worked with Stratum to develop a new brand strategy that captures their drive and passion while reflecting their partnership with Bolidt.
A group of architects and lecturers based around Europe invited us to design a publication to correlate with an exhibition on an area in Prague. The aim was to question modern housing developments and what is meant by the term “affordable”. The challenge was to showcase each collaborators voice while having a consistent visual narrative for the audience.
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