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Discussing affordable housing in Europe

Dostupné Spekulace

A group of architects and lecturers based around Europe invited us to design a publication to correlate with an exhibition on an area in Prague. The aim was to question modern housing developments and what is meant by the term “affordable”. The challenge was to showcase each collaborators voice while having a consistent visual narrative for the audience.

The magazine was printed using a Risograph process and be in duel language. This allowed for consistency in colours and structure while allowing for other methods such as paper change to split the publication into its elements. The magazine was issued to the residents of Karlín for free, as well as selected associations of the project in Prague, Germany and the UK. A digital version can be found
on the Future Architecture Library.

Despite extremely short time and hard conditions, the cooperation with asdesign studio was really nice and professional. Everything was done in time and in really good quality. Our magazine looks amazing.

Dostupné Spekulace

Eliška Málková


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