Fleur de Lys unites people who care about the planet and its people. They are a UK based skincare brand that launched at the beginning of 2021. We were asked to help build the foundations of the Fleur de Lys brand creating the logo, brand guidelines and marketing collateral.
A group of architects and lecturers based around Europe invited us to design a publication to correlate with an exhibition on an area in Prague. The aim was to question modern housing developments and what is meant by the term “affordable”. The challenge was to showcase each collaborators voice while having a consistent visual narrative for the audience.
Translation Architecture are a London based architectural design and research studio who specialise in hospitality with an interest in heritage, retrofit and low energy strategies. The ethos of the company is based around language be that through drawings, written or verbal. The identity reflects this by creating a logo that is part of a typographic system that’s used throughout the brand.
KrasenLach is a charted engineering firm that embraces young engineers and technologies to challenge and change the working practice of the construction industry. They’re recognised by institutions in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

Working with Alister was a great experience! He is a very flexible and well-rounded designer. He developed branding for our project, and the process was very smooth and efficient. I really appreciated that the development was a conversation and he took the time to explain his preferences and suggestions, and I feel I learnt a lot in the process in addition to getting a sleek brand!


Jana Mokrisova