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asdesign. is a North London based graphic design and screen printing studio. Founded in 2017 by Alister Shapley, we are a small, friendly, personable studio whose main focus is getting to know the client, so we can combine their concepts with our expertise to produce high-quality print and digital work. As a small business, we can give clients the time and space their briefs need to develop. We believe the best work is born of collaboration and a strong relationship.


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"Alister Shapley is very professional and flexible. In moments of decision, if it was for the font, layout, colour palette or the print technique, Alister always had prepared mood boards with different choices and information for each for us to be able to choose from. In this regard, I feel we have also learnt something about graphic design. The choices didn't seem to be empirical, but he explained why he proposes to use X instead of Y, it was specific to the content. The process was enjoyable..."

Lynda Zein | Dostpuné Sepkulace

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