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Our textile design pattern for Bluehanded. Bluehanded specialise in Chinese resist printing. The technique used in the indigo dyed fabric is a traditional process which has been unchanged for centuries. Working with a small family business in China, where the technique originated. Bluehanded focuses on using modern designs to explore this fabric print technique in new ways. You can buy this fabric from Bluehanded here.

The title of the pattern is twelve. It is a grid based pattern formed from the traditional hand made resist printing technique fabrics sold by Bluehanded. The grid uses the dimensions of the stencil used to apply the pattern to the fabric as it’s mathematical base. The grid then contains concentric circles which undulate like water droplets. This represents the dying process of the indigo fabric. Water droplets also depict Britain’s seemingly never-ending rainy season. This links the two locations of where the pattern was designed in Britain and where it was made into fabric in China. A true international product.